A Day of Music, Laughter, and Dance at Wonderland with Savi Kahlon, Voice behind mesmerizing track  " Apa Fer milange"

A Day of Music, Laughter, and Dance at Wonderland with Savi Kahlon, Voice behind mesmerizing track " Apa Fer milange"


Wonderland Parks recently had an event that was nothing short of spectacular! With the presence of renowned Punjabi singer Savi Kahlon, the unveiling of new Radio Jockeys for Mirchi Punjab, and performances that brought endless smiles and laughter, it was a day to remember. Here’s a rundown of the joyous festivities that took place at Wonderland.


Savi Kahlon Lights Up Wonderland: The highlight of the day was undoubtedly Savi Kahlon's live performance. Known for his soulful voice and energetic stage presence, Kahlon performed his popular track ‘Apa Fer Milange’ and other hits, which resonated with his fans and added a magical vibe to the atmosphere. The park was filled with fans who gathered to catch a glimpse of their favorite star, making it a memorable musical feast.

Welcoming New Voices to Radio Mirchi: The event also marked a significant moment for radio enthusiasts in Punjab as Wonderland Parks announced the addition of two new Radio Jockeys to the Mirchi family. @mirchi.pearl and @mirchi.urviiii made their debut live from Wonderland, connecting with listeners across Punjab. Their vibrant energy and engaging style promised fresh and exciting content for Mirchi listeners.

Laughter with Pakpak Deepak: Amidst the music and announcements, laughter was in the air thanks to the notoriously funny @pakpakdeepakrj. Known for his witty humor and spontaneous jokes, Deepak kept the audience entertained and laughing throughout his segment. His presence added a light-hearted and joyful dimension to the day's events.


Bhangra Performance by Kulraj: The entertainment continued with a stellar bhangra performance by @kulraj_bhangraofficial. Kulraj, who has previously shared the stage with Punjabi superstar Diljit Dosanjh, showcased his impressive bhangra moves. His energetic performance captivated everyone and was a fitting tribute to the vibrant culture of Punjab.

The event at Wonderland Parks was a fantastic celebration of music, culture, and entertainment. With performances by Savi Kahlon, the introduction of new Radio Jockeys, and comedy by Pakpak Deepak, the park lived up to its promise of delivering unforgettable experiences. As we look forward to more such events, Wonderland remains a place where joy and entertainment meet.


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