Wonderland Parks - About Us

The mission at Wonderland Parks has always been a humble one - to be a one-stop destination for entertainment of all age groups. Twenty one years ago, when the idea of Wonderland Parks was nothing but a gremlin; Jalandhar had not much to offer as a tourist destination. Summer holidays for children would sprawl into long idle afternoons and the only closest day out attraction was Amritsar, the holy city. This would then become the highlight of childrens’ holidays or for anyone visiting Jalandhar.

With a simple idea in mind to entertain children and to eventually become a place for familial bonding and fond memories; we started Wonderland Parks. Water Park was not a part and parcel of the first layout. We started small like anyone would, step by step realising our dream, slowly extending our wings, one by one adding people to our team who would go on to become our family and whose second and third generations would choose us as their place of work. We did not know any of this would happen back then, we were young and all we knew that we wanted to do something that no-one else had achieved yet. Thus began our journey, plans laid out carefully only to be disrupted with everyday work and challenges, learnings that came from making numerous mistakes and the gratitude that we feel every single day as we see happy clients leave the park.

We woke up every morning before the crack of dawn only to show up and work harder than the previous day because we wanted to provide nothing but the best. Our goal was to stay one step ahead of the game and we did everything in our modest power to achieve the same. Hard-work, determination and discipline; those were the three core principles for our team members; from the bottom to top. We were one no matter what our work status. Then there came a day when Jalandhar began to count us in it’s top tourist destinations, we began to see numerous repeat clients from all over Punjab and the world. We began looking forward to summer when work was tough in the heat but morales were high because the smiles of our clients and their love and respect towards our work, kept us going.

Then last year, with no formal plan laid out; Wonderland Farms was created. From becoming a place of sweet childhood memories to now becoming the space where nuptials took place, couples took vows to protect each other and families became one. Children that came to the park in their summer holidays are now getting married in the same place and in a sweeter instance, many are now bringing their children to the park. Life has truly come around as a full circle.

We are grateful for the many opportunities and love Jalandhar and Punjab have blessed us with. Everyday we still wake up with the same dream, to provide our clients with the best. For us, when our clients choose Wonderland, it is the mark of highest honour and we wear our smiles proudly to see you come and enjoy the park or choose us as the place for your celebrations.

Team Wonderland.